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Fertility treatment involves many complex issues and making the right decision is vitally important.

At The Rainsbury Clinic, discussion and counselling take a very high priority. You will find our team of experienced, discreet and sympathetic nurses and counsellors readily available to assist you.

Equally important is our approach to patient care. A relaxed, friendly atmosphere reflects the commitment of a dedicated team to achieving the best possible result for each patient.

The Rainsbury Clinic is supported by The London Bridge Fertility, Gynaecology and Genetics Centre, where the egg collection, scientific work and embryo transfer is carried out in modern purpose-built facilities. The Bridge Centre is located just a few steps away from London Bridge and is easily accessible by train, underground, bus, taxi or car.

Paul Rainsbury was educated in London before completing his medical training at Trinity College, Dublin, qualifying in 1969 after which he practiced as a consultant gynaecologist in Ireland until the early 1980s.

As one of Britain's best known fertility specialists, he is the author of two major medical publications on the subject of human infertility and its treatment, and has pioneered the world's first commercially available gender selection programme, using in vitro fertilisation and embryo biopsy - a natural extension of his lifetime commitment to developing infertility services and providing patients with the most advanced treatment options available.




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