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The clinic was originally founded in 1992 as a private clinic to specialise in the investigation and treatment of infertility and to provide a truly personal service in an increasingly impersonal world.

This personal approach is based on my belief that, after all the anxiety and uncertainly our patients have endured, confidence and peace of mind are important contributors to success.

Confidence is often based on knowledge and, at The Rainsbury Clinic, you will always know what the problems are and what treatment is being planned, and why.

Every patient at The Rainsbury Clinic receives my full personal attention and. We do our very best for each patient and it is important to remember that everyone's chances of success are different.

Don't worry about the mass of statistics which are published. They can be misleading. The most important things that matter are your personal circumstances and we will explain these to you clearly and fairly.

In the following pages we have tried to answer as many of the initial questions you might ask as possible and I hope you will call with more questions (0800 545 685 - Helpline) or to make the appointment that may mark the beginning of the end of your worries.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Rainsbury FRCOG
Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist




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